The Architecture of Historic Isfahan (Esfahan)
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Sample Other Works of Art from Isfahan
Isfahan is well known for its numerous arts and handcrafts.  Following are a few samples.  Following are a few samples.

  • Copper work (sample one; sample two; sample three)
  • Khataam (sample one; sample two)
  • Rugs (sample one; sample two)
  • Textile (sample one; sample two)
Colorful pieces cut from enameled ceramic tiles and fit together to create a script.
Store front selling hand painted enameled artwork on metal products.
Colorful pieces of enameled tiles and bricks cut to create an exquisite entrance to the Charbagh Seminary School
Intricate and colorful cut pieces of tiles used to create a grand entrance to the prayer area of the Jomeh Mosque.
Exquisite 3-dimensional tile work at the main entrance of the Charbagh Seminary School
Entrance and dome of the Sheikh Lotfullah Mosque with exquisite cut enameled tiles
Framed handmade enameled tile work
Handmade enameled tile work with gold feature